Welcome to kidOYO® at Stony Brook University!

This learning community has been actively running live events since 2013. As professional software developers, product developers, engineers and mentors, kidOYO® is leading development of methods used to help young learners engage complex subjects in the areas of computer science, engineering, coding and entrepreneurial development

Unlike corporate-funded programs that feed education markets with easy-bake-oven methods or serve gender/racial segregated learning communities as priority. kidOYO® builds skills for ALL types of learners, of all ages, from K-12 and into University settings. If you are new to this type of learning, ask around. kidOYO® is not easily discovered on Facebook/Instagram or in paid media advertising where digital illiteracy reigns supreme. Our reputation travels locally by word of mouth, and our students speak for the quality of experience they have at kidOYO® year after year

Our learning platform is used by nearly 85,000 students on Long Island, NY alone, and top school districts trust kidOYO® to deliver the best tools, curriculum and methods of instruction necessary to transform production-grade learning in the digital domain. By working across the curriculum, integrating student-interest and personal learning methods with math, english, science, social studies, and every other field of study, our mentors are transforming learning in a manner that is unique in all the world

Many of our students over the years have pushed the pace of what is considered possible; winning robotics competitions and earning personal awards as top programmers in the Nation, and earning University credit by taking the AP Computer Science A + Principles tests while still in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade

Our team covers many areas of learning, and works with many different paced learners. This community is designed for learning in Live Events, by students aged 8-17. For students interested in specific topics who are outside our region, we also offer learning communities that enable our mentors to work directly with students virtually at all times. You may also review these communities below, where each provides a link to a distinct learning community

If additional information is required, reach out to info at kidoyo dot com

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kidOYO 101

( Available in School Communities ) Explore

Beginner learners (7+) seeking to build a foundation of skills using multiple programming languages, tools and computational thinking methods

Logical Thinking

Visual Programming

Web Development

Pixel Art

Python Programming

Typing Practice


kidOYO 201

( Available in School Communities ) Explore

Intermediate learners with some skills using Scratch, Python, HTML, and CSS who would like to further their programming skills or learn new topics like JavaScript, Java, working with libraries and databases

Python Libraries


Advanced Scratch

Web Design



Game Development


Intermediate to Advanced learners looking to apply their existing programming knowledge and skills to game development project work

Principles of Game Design

Game Development

Applications of Knowledge

Advanced Programming Fundamentals

Professional Grade Tools


Hardware Prototyping


Beginner learners (9+) seeking to design, build, and program physical-computing projects, from blinking LEDs to moving mechanisms with motors

C/Python/Web Programming

Electronic Circuitry & Prototyping

Linux & Open Source

CAD & 3D Printing

Raspberry Pi



AP Computer Science Principles


kidOYO is a College Board approved online provider of curriculum resources for the APCS Principles test. Our methods are utilized by K12 classrooms, as well as by "Independently Study" students when such opportunity is not available in their school


Visual Programming

Python Programming


Global Impact

Digital Data